What is the First of all you will not find map-hacks here, at least not in the form of a program.

Most games don't allow you to create custom pins on the ingame map at all or only in a very limited way. Sometimes this feature can be added by an addon or third party plugin later on, other times none of these possibilities are available. Especially console users often don't have the convenience of addons. For those cases we want to provide you with a platform to manage all your game-maps in one place, with the ability to create as many pins as you like. All your pins are stored locally (on your device), so no registration is - nor ever will be - required to unlock those features!

Currently only maps created by us are available, however this will change as soon as the map creation feature is implemented. For now, if you want to start mapping a game which is not yet available through our system, please contact us - we will try to add a rudimentary map (no pins, just basic categories) for you. 
Alongside the map-creation feature, the upcoming sharing options will allow you to share your mapdata and/or rate and use mapdata shared by other users.

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