Changes 16/05/24

Changes 16/05/24

  • New Server-side Search
    • added search field to the games overview
  • New Settings
    • Server-side search, use server-side search rather than client-side - the icon will change to green. Server-side search is more thorough.
    • Show default language, if this option is checked texts inside the Infopane will also display their original text beside the translated.
    • Search for original title, external search links will use the original title rather then the translated to search the configured site.
  • Additional Maps Navigation
    • Base-Map/Child-Map navigation, click on -or- (one level in) to show a list of base-maps or child-maps. Currently only Fallout 4 has an additional base-maps.

  • added flags to the games overview to indicate which languages are supported, also the language dropdown will now indicate which languages are supported for each game (once a game was selected).
  • changed all local database transactions to be more reliable. importing/fixing more than 200 pins should no longer fail.
  • replaced search-patterns with a dropdown. '#!collected' was removed because of previous changes it is no longer required.

Grim Dawn

  • added Japanese translation 
  • added numerous 'Secret Area', 'Dynamite' and some other locations (thanks bryan!!
  • addded new Tag for each difficulty and 'Starts Quest'
  • updated existing translations, Quests and various other ingame names/descriptions will now get translated. This may result in mixed language texts.
  • updated maps for 'Cairn' and 'Tomb of Korvaak', pins placed on the later will be off. I will implement some sort of pin/map-versioning to update custom pins to prevent this in the future.

Fallout 4

  • New Map: 'The Island'
  • added translations: German, Spanish, French, Japanese, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese (traditional, flag and menu says simplified)
  • added DLC locations Automatron and Far Harbor (Far Harbor will most likely get another update)

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