Version 2.0

Version 2.0

Development has been slow and stopped entirely for a short period, but i'm happy to finally bring you this update!

A lot of the core functionality needed to change, still does, to increase performance and compatibility in general but especially on older devices.

User Registration

  • registered users can:
    • save pins online, those pins are only visible to the user, as long as it was not added to a collection
    • store collectible progress and personal note online
    • create and rate collections
    • report missing/outdated pins, or contribute to the sites translation

User registration will be enabled in the next few days, as soon as i am sure everthing runs smoothly.


  • collections are used to share your pins with other users or enhance your own map
  • registered and non registered users can subscribe to collections
    Note: subscriptions for non registered users are stored as cookie, virtually indefinitely, but you will loose them should you delete the cookie for this site(!) - and of course - it will not work in private mode!


  • report missing/outdated pins or submit a translation
  • contribute to the translation of other content and site texts
  • top-100 contributor list


  • most of the core scripts have been altered to increase performance
  • edit features will be enabled/disabled depending on client capabilities
  • Playstation 4 browser support
  • basic revision system and language handling to update outdated locally extended pins
  • quest list and searching for quests
  • map positions are now saved for each map not only the base map
  • improved zoom
  • improved interface
  • new editable pin properties
  • new linking system
    • Pins and Links to Pins/Maps are now actual Links. This means you can right-click to copy their link address!
    • in addition the browser's address bar will update accordingly for online pins

Fallout 4

  • added Nuka World
  • new Collections added for unmarked locations and rare weapons

Grim Dawn

  • despited being a dungeon, Port Valbury was added to the worldmap
  • all nemesis locations are now part of this collection (might get changed back, depending on user feedback)
  • the "shrine inside" tag will now only display the custom icon on the map, other map links will tint the icon green instead

Dying Light

  • new game, including The Countryside map.
  • map images for Slums and Old Town will be updated in the future.

The Long Dark

  • new game, maps are spoiler free! there are 3 collections to populate the maps
  • original maps created by Whiteberry, including Forlorn Muskeg

Metal Gear 5

  • new game, maps include locations for blueprints, missions, animals, posters and many more
  • some pin locations are unconfirmed


  • drawing layer (still)
  • extended users creation features
    • upload screenshots
    • create pin-types, maps and even games
  • further improvements to the map and interface 
    • tba


  • wrong position when zooming in on the left edge of the map